Crochet Braids Viking 2/0

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The kit was created in collaboration with the wizard @ luna _ braid

The Viking Braids 2/0 kit is made of softer high quality material, special for braids. Light, soft, identical to natural hair, which you will not feel when using.

in the photo De braids, with two ends, with manual shade mixing

All shades correspond to “Viking,” textured slashes, a gentle combination of shades, various shapes, a lot of jewelry, and all this perfectly conveys the atmosphere and will complement your image.

Select length, thickness, color individually.
(Can be created in any color)

1 review for Crochet Braids Viking 2/0

  1. Lynn

    I had recieved my purchase a week ago and wasn’t able to leave a review till today. I am now on my second time applying my braids 2 days ago, so please forgive the mess because I wanted to leave a review ASAP.
    I love the idea of DE braids, I’m able to braid them in and after partial braiding, I continue making 2 additional braids with my own hair along side the Wow braids, my hair is so thin, so to me, I feel like I have thicker hair now, thank you.
    Also, please forgive the big spaces, I am new at applying them and I have to learn the techniques, so I’ll need to buy more braids from WOW Dreads­čśü

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