Crochet Dreads Boxing Carolinski


Set created in shades for beautiful girl @ carolinski _ art 🖤💫
Also contains:
▪️elastic strips for installation,
▪️branded elastic band
▪️ Feathers
▪️ Braids
▪️set dreadlocks

What else do you want to get Boxing?❗️

What is it convenient?
First of all, it is convenient for you that you get a complete kit with everything you need to install dreadlocks and decorate your kit yourself. You do not need to look for additional jewelry, accessories for installation, you will get everything in one order 💯

You can choose the amount of shit, and adjust the look/color of the jewelry, just write me your wishes and we castomize the box for you.

If you are interested in this type of product, we will create more of these boxes with sets of ours models😉


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