Set ” Delicate Rose” Curls Dreads


We have added an assortment of a new kind of lightweight dreadlocks for your hair.

Thanks to the fine texture at the root, you can easily install them, a light and lush base of curls will not give a load to your hair and will quickly give volume

Used colors from the Palette:

Structure – light wave

These are synthetic curls, which at the roots look like dreads (see photo). The curl can be different. It can be small and smooth or big and large.
They are very light (300 grams for the whole head), beautiful and reusable.

De Curls dreadlocks are set in the same way as DE dreadlocks (each dreadlock has its own spot). Check out the guide on our website.

Daily care:
It is best to walk around the curls with the help of hands once a day, moistening them with water from the sprayer or simply with wet hands. If desired, a hair combing agent may be used, but not more often than once every 3-5 days. Don’t use a comb!
If serious tangles occur, you can use scissors to cut through them. It is recommended to collect curls at night in a loose braid or under a sleeping hat to avoid tangles.

Wash your hair once a week. There are many ways, but we think that the easiest of them is to put shampoo on the sponge and use foam to wash the partitions, clean the scalp, do not rub the dreads themselves. After that, wash the shampoo with a shower so that it does not remain on your head, soak all the dreads with a towel and leave them weakened to run away. You can dry it a little with a cold hairdryer. Done!

It can be worn for up to 2 months and reused.
Over time, the curls will slide up and become like just wavy dreads.
De Curls dreadlocks can be washed after each wear. Soak them in slightly warm (NOT HOT) water with shampoo and let them stay for half an hour. Then rinse and carefully run out. Allow to dry (NOT ON HEATER).


x10 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x15 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x20 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x30 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x40 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x50 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x60 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x70 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x80 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x10 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x15 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x20 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x30 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x40 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x50 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x60 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x80 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x100 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x120 pcs. s.e (Single Ended)


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