Set Forest Nymph Facture Dreads Braids


A lightweight set that combines a variety of styles, textured dreadlocks, textured braids with a combination of warm shades and forest tones, creates a very atmospheric style of the set, we decorated it with beads, windings, rings and themed petals, as well as handmade leather jewelry
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DE crochet dreadlocks, under natural. A set of high-quality synthetic material “Canecalon.” All color transitions are performed manually.

The photographs show dreadlocks 75 cm long (at the fold) 50 pcs (100 in total).
You can select any desired length and number of dreadlocks in the list. We recommend using:
10-20de -10-20se for decorating the bottom of the hair
30-40 de- 60-80se for half or all of the head, with a little obchem
50-60 de -100-120se dreadlocks for an entire head with a large volume


x10 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x15 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x20 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x30 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x40 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x50 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x60 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x70 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x80 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x10 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x15 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x20 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x30 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x40 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x50 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x60 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x80 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x100 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x120 pcs. s.e (Single Ended)


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