Crochet Dreads “Candyfloss”


This is what will surprise anyone and attract attention!
A set of knitted rubbish in pastel, delicate hues, a perfectly smooth structure
In combination with textured braids of different types.

Colors used from the Palette:3930,3815

Structure – Knitted

Tied Dreads DE with double color transition.
A set of high-quality synthetic material “Canecalon.”
All color transitions are performed manually.

Complement your look, perfect for creating a quirky style.
Selects the length, thickness, and color individually.
(Can be created in any color)


x10 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x15 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x20 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x30 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x40 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x50 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x60 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x70 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x80 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x10 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x15 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x20 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x30 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x40 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x50 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x60 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x80 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x100 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x120 pcs. s.e (Single Ended)


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