Set ” Scandinavian Brule” Classik Skandi Dreads


The kit combines two styles of dreadlocks.
Thin light classic dreadlocks “Cream Blule” ombre from a delicate shade into cold ash, in combination with Scandinavian dreadlocks of the “Viking” shade, also in the set there are textured braids.


x10 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x15 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x20 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x30 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x40 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x50 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x60 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x70 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x80 pcs. d.e (Double Ended), x10 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x15 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x20 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x30 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x40 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x50 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x60 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x80 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x100 pcs. s.e (Single Ended), x120 pcs. s.e (Single Ended)


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